Who are ‘Elders’?

    Elders are generally defined as elderly people aged 65 and over.


    What is ‘Elder Abuse’?

    Some Elders of course have no physical or mental impairment and are entirely independent. Others have physical and/or cognitive impairments which can result in impaired decision making capacity and dependence on others. Further, it can make them more susceptible to breaches of trust. Types of abuse can include:

    • Financial abuse;
    • Psychological abuse;
    • Physical abuse or neglect;
    • Sexual abuse; and
    • Chemical abuse (including inappropriate use, underuse or overuse, of prescribed medication).

    What is our ‘Elder Law Night’?

    The Subiaco Justice Centre’s Elder Law Night is aimed at Elders seeking legal advice in relation to:

    • Elder Abuse;
    • Wills & Estates; and
    • Property matters.

    If you are or know someone who meets the description above and is seeking legal advice, feel free to schedule an appointment with the Subiaco Justice Centre below.

  • Book an Elder Law Appointment

  • Location

    Please note that our Elder Law Nights are located at a different venue to our General and Family Law Nights.

    The Palms Community Centre, Corner Nicholson and, Rokeby Rd, Subiaco WA 6008
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